Who knew. I did a reading for a dear friend and her mom came through. Her mom mentioned her validation would be a blue butterfly. Her mom died of ALS. This very specific validation of her mother’s after-death presence in my friends life took a few months for her to recognize what it meant. When she told me, we just stared at one another. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium


I also received this from another friend:  Your post about ALS and the blue butterfly is my true story. My mom passed away from ALS and is My Beautiful Blue Butterfly.” ~ T. This friend happens to have a blue butterfly tattoo in memory of her mom.

How many blue butterflies come to you? Not many for me. This is even more validation as far as I am concerned of life after death and how our loved ones choose to communicate and validate their presence is alive and well – “just different” – as my mother said as she slipped away into infinity and beyond.

I believe every thought and action we have ever had is alive and well, too out in the Universe. All is encoded and kept for us to review on passing. Choices. Free will. Think about it. Not in fear. Think about it as creation. Choose to be thankful and grateful. It all affects the whole. You affect all and vise versa.

An Example of another Reading: A man came through. I said, “I can tell he is a jokester. He is saying the box is too tight!” She laughed and said, “Yes, he was. We had him cremated. Someone made a nice box to put the ashes in.”

Blessings! ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium