I am the kind of person who benefits greatly by shedding tears often. By spending a lot of time alone and also in the company of people that I know intuitively love me. We know it when we are cared deeply about. Filling and surrounding myself with blessed, divine energy – what ever you want to call it. Since my heart is so open so regularly, it is to my benefit to do this as often as I can remember to do it – as often as I can recall to say, ‘and I set this intention to remain and regenerate for as long as desired!’ I know when I am on a ‘down swing.’ No labels needed. It is what it is and we get to make of it what we will. How precious our time here is. How short it is, even when we feel in a moment of deep grief that it is taking ‘too’ long to live this life. I am empathic. Highly sensitive. Like a newborn of any kind. I ‘know’ what people are thinking, feeling, talking about in their head. I ‘feel’ the energy. I sense it in my soul. This is who I am. I was born this way. I came to serve and have been serving since conception in a multitude of ways; ways I have not always wanted to serve and at that time, had no physical control over. I know myself and others intuitively. I know when I say and do things that are not freeing and when they are. I just know. This is my truth. This is ‘a’ truth. This is not ‘the’ truth that would be true for all without exception. My truth is that I like being this way even though it feels very painful at times. Because I can serve best this way. I experience to serve myself and others; affect the whole. I have this to share. I do so willingly, even when it hurts to do this. I keep coming back, standing up, so that I can give the finer things in life. The finest energy. The highest good for all. I feel this is worthy.