Spirit Medicine and Tarot Experience

During a Tarot class our instructor suggested that we were to pick a Tarot card that reminded us of the Goddess we had been working with. We had shuffled our deck, using only Major Arcana cards; 0-21. I work with the Motherpeace deck by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble. I shuffled and received the World card, number 21. The description of this card is as follows: ‘All the universe is a dance of energies; Maya-Shakti, a movement of creative forces in us and through us. The World card signifies that he personality is no longer blinded and confused by identification with what is not real. True liberation and freedom are felt within the individual and the group.’

The Goddess of the Major Arcana card the World, is Isis. In ancient Egyptian spirituality, Isis was the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She was the Goddess of all Goddesses. She was the All and She had thousands of names. The group was then instructed to choose a card from the court cards of the deck that to us, represented the Goddess of the Major Arcana card that we had picked. I chose the Queen of Wands to represent Isis. The Queen of Wand represents ‘a channel; a magician who contains and disperses energy.’

This card would signify our personal inner teacher at the time, which we would take a type of Shamanic journey with. We began a breathing meditation and were instructed to imagine entering a cave keeping the image of our inner teacher in mind. The energy of my inner teacher, the Queen of Wands was powerful, peaceful, and present. She sat directly in front of me and reached out to touch my heart. I immediately saw an image of what looked like an off-kilter, lined graphic. Two slanted horizontal lines, with two over lapping, vertically. Other symbols that came to me were a blue bird with an orange chest. I gave this bird a seed to plant. Once planted, it turned into an image of a pink flower. After seeing these images I felt as if I dozed off for a bit. When I awoke there was a snake looking at me with fangs bared. I did feel some fear although this feeling quickly dispersed. I asked the snake to share it’s power. The snake answered, “Yes, but I will have to bite you in your heart.” I agreed and it was done. I heard, “Now you have snake power/medicine.”

I find it interesting to see how all the symbols relate to one another, including the descriptions of the Tarot cards that were chosen and how they inter-relate. Isis is the Goddess of all Goddesses and the Snake as a symbol of animal spirit medicines is the medicine of medicine itself. These are similarities. The snake symbolizes transformation; transmutation. The Bluebird with it’s orange-red chest, is a symbol of a rite of passage. A time of movement into another level of being. It is also about transformation, especially as a girl into a woman, a child into an adult. Awakening the inner child; joyful expression. Perhaps the inner child/teacher is most profound in it’s simplicity and innocence.