Fears Are Strong Emotions

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium


“We manipulate our lives around our fears.” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

If you have been able to keep a journal you may go to it to read how you have managed your fears/strong emotions in the past-tense. What has assisted you in caring for yourself?

Breathing is the one thing that most of us have to assist us when we are in fear-mode. This is/has a conscious affect. It does take courage and fortitude to face our fears, especially the deep, taught-thought ones that linger like a barb into the flesh. This type of suffering has multiple layers and we may feel like we have failed if things don’t clear up quickly and permanently. Each moment of awareness is just that; mindfulness. You are aware of this. You are not a failure. When you feel frustration it is most likely coming from your taught-thought words such as – should, must, have to, need to, got to, etc. which is more violence towards ourselves.

Concentrate on breathing.

“It is only in the space of now that we are born again; that we are alive.” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

We do have choice. We can extinguish the suffering. We are able to experience this with baby steps. Give yourself permission; allow yourself to ease into a peaceful nature.

You know yourself in the deepest of ways. Hold yourself dear to your heart. Know that you are perfectly able to learn to care for yourself in ways that compliment you. Give yourself permission.

May 27, 2015
When you touch a hot stove, as soon as you become aware of the pain, you immediately pull your hand away. You don’t let it rest on the burner in order to explore the pain. In the same way, we stay present with strong emotion only very briefly at first. The instruction is: short moments again and again. Rather than trying to endure prolonged exposure to intense feeling, we touch in for only two or three seconds, then pause and breathe gently before touching in again. Or we might simply stay with the troubling feeling for five or six minutes and then go on with our day, more in touch with our emotions and, therefore, less likely to be dragged around by them.- Pema Chodron