Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Someone recently said to me, “I haven’t felt this distraught in such a long time.”

I stated that I too, have felt this way. I think it is part of the process of inner sight. We truly get to see ourselves. This can be the most painful piece. We suffer. We become conscious through this avenue. Yes, it pisses us off. We may fight it; get into the inner struggle and exhibit this for others.

This person asked, Is it because we feel too much?”

Why would we choose this, we think. It is because we are so courageous.

We have done so much releasing. We are that much more in touch with our inner strength! Our inner fire of will. We are burning things up from the inside out to release that which no longer serves our highest good.

Like the physical/material things that we may burn in the springtime, only this is about unconsciousness. We must look at our unconscious shadow self in order to release it. This is how strong we truly are, to actually own the ability to LOOK. Look into the deep, dark cavern of all that we do not wish to see within ourselves!

We see and then we set the trap of ego on ourselves, that trap was set by us and can be released. We have this ability of choice. It is ‘what it is’ and we can choose what to make of it.

This is why it is important to discuss it. To find like-minded individuals who have the will to discuss this transformation – whom ever it may be – in the moment. It is a process, one that you will re-visit time and time again. Each time knowing from the wisdom of the past.

We expect an outcome and yet that again is ego. Expectations unmet can take our breath away, if allowed to do so. Yet, we see into the mirror – we dare to look! Therein lays our true strength. When we don’t like what we see we may choose to act like a fish out of water or to see it for what it is,

an opportunity for empowerment – emotional maturity – wisdom.

Through this we may choose differently. Not ‘better.’ When we choose difference we create differently. Energy is malleable. We are this energy. Thoughts create feelings/emotions. There is no ‘too’ about it. All is perfect just the way it is. When we become aware of our thoughts – perhaps the deeper ones – the ones we have carried that have weighed us down for such a long time – we become enlightened to them. We are each as enlightened as we can be in any given moment. 

I ended the conversation by saying, “Congratulations! You have done so much great work. You have added so much loving Light to yourself and shared it by effect. You can now see the denser shadow self much more easily and readily. You have made so much progress! Cycles of awareness come and go. Be kind. Go have fun! Relax. Enjoy nature. Nurture. Have compassion. Rest.”