Assisting Children Experiencing Psychic Phenomena

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Every once in a while I get a frantic call or email from a parent regarding their child experiencing psychic phenomena. I have listed basic ideas below to assist you and your child.

Go back to basics with your child. It’s not so much the ‘why’ as it is that they would like to feel safe, protected, and heard by their caretakers. We all want to feel nurtured and cared about especially when we feel our reality is askew for what ever reason.

We know that children especially experience things psychically by seeing; clairvoyance, hearing; clairaudience, and so forth. They may feel off balance a bit because they have not been on earth that long and there is so much information that they are surrounded by. This can take a toll on anyone’s senses.

Let children be just that; young at heart.

Get them out in nature to hug a tree, build a garden, play in water. Get out the grounding crystals; onyx, hematite, clear quartz for setting intentions, rose quartz for an aura of love, a journal to express him/herself verbally and/or art expression. Allow the child to choose the crystals that best serve them at the time. This allows them to feel that they are in charge.

Use anti-worry stones or rub the fingertips together as a natural form of reflexology; nerve pressure. This also releases endorphins; the brain’s natural relaxant.

Create a spray of lavender and water – make it together – name it what fits for the child in the moment. Children are very creative. They can ‘pretend’ they are a super hero. Dress-up is a joyful tool of expression. You and your child could sing, dance, set intentions through rituals. Make up a powerful song or dance routine. This assists in releasing endorphins and raises serotonin; a natural upliftment.

Also, concentrate on the breath; all the way in, all the way out as a meditation. When we make this a habit, it comes more naturally and quicker to assist us; switching from fear mode to power mode. Remind yourself and your child that you ‘have their back’ and so does they, themselves.

If the child is experiencing psychic phenomena within your living area, see the space as the energy that it is. Everything is made up of this living energy. Sage/smudge, pour salt around the outside of the space, and then light a candle of intention. Each time you re-build the space; rustle up the energy, do this as a reminder that this is your energy now and set this as your intention.

You know yourself and your child the best. What ways have you assisted yourself and your child to provide calm? Start a journal, post a list of useful hints that can be seen daily, and so forth.