Be. You are that. It is what you are made of. Michele Nappi ~ Mystic Medium

Anger is a defensive action about pain/suffering and is part of the grieving cycle. What are we grieving? This is all tied to fear. Nothing can ‘make’ us angry, it is a choice that we are conditioned to choose when we are not conscious. Yes, if someone cuts us off while driving we may feel angry because we are in fear of injury or death and yet, that did not happen. We did not die or get injured and yet we cling to anger as a defense ‘just in case.’ If we did die we wouldn’t be having any thought-feeling. If we are injured we are in the moment with the physical pain we may be feeling. This helped me to come to terms with some fear/suffering/clinging I have experienced recently. I am choosing to re-live this conditioning and reinforce my fear. Now that I see this cycle clearer, I can move forward with ‘the rest of my life’ and release. This can come and go in cycles, and most likely will/does. It may take a few cycles to release as we come to terms with ‘a’ truth we have chosen to believe in.

This is what I mean when I talk of BEing beyond duality. The only way for the world to be different is when we become aware of the all-knowing presence that we are and release the rest – no matter what. We can ‘rage against the machine’ all we want – do the same thing over and over again expecting different results – yet, we are right where we started – stuck in duality until we ‘sit in the fire’ and feel the burn. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

May 6, 2015


I often wondered why it is that when I get hooked, when I’m resentful for example, and I breathe with it instead of acting out, it feels like I’m sitting in the middle of the fire. I asked Kongtrul Rinpoche about this. He said, “Because by not doing the habitual thing, you’re burning up the seeds of aggression.” As each individual works with it in this way, it’s not just a minor thing. It’s an opportunity we’re given not only to connect with the inexpressible goodness of our minds and our hearts, but also to dissolve aggression in the world.Pema Chodron