We are conditioned that way. It is up to each individual to realize this and release it to step outside of duality. It is a process that comes and goes in cycles, eventually becoming further and further apart. We have been conditioned to believe that the other person’s view of us is more important than our own. All is equal within the soul. I talk about this often. When I teach I tell people that they are already what they seek, they are Reiki, etc. There is no need for attunements unless we believe this to be true; “if you believe it, it is true for you – not necessarily ‘the’ truth, which would be true for all without exception. It’s just that the human condition ‘is what it is’ and people believe the need to haveĀ someone else tell them that they are worthy. We are what we seek – we are already that. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium – Reiki Master/Teacher