Abundance Prosperity Attunement

Someone asked for an abundance/prosperity attunement. Once given, this person said it was felt within the body. We met a couple more times and things hadn’t seemed to change, financially. The next time we met the person reported the same. I had been waiting for this person to ‘connect the dots’ so to speak, and didn’t see that that was happening. I asked, “You don’t see it?” I saw an embarrassed smile cross this person’s lips. I gently gave what I was seeing. All needs had been met and more. Fortune in body, mind, and spirit. Finances were met each and every time. There was always ‘enough’ and more!

What do you think had been ‘in the way?’ Conditioned thought-forms. A practice of patterns that were still seen as ‘the truth’ and not ‘a’ truth some had chosen to live within, which had led to not seeing what was already there. Once this conversation was had, the dam broke and abundance thoughts were seen in all aspects of life.

This reminds me of something Compassionate, Conscious Being once said to me, “If what we say we want is standing right in front of us, we will not see it because our eyes are invisible to what we cannot see.” We live the conditioning. The taught-thought belief system we choose and decide to believe in.

Realize what is there. All is. Appreciate what is there. All is. Live with gratitude. All is.

~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Update: Within two weeks she had a full time job that was flexible and met her needs.