I do not believe in lessons. We judge ourselves enough already and mostly we have been taught to be negative. Lessons denote finger-pointing and commanding someone to learn in a way that has been pre-judged and pre-determined by others. Lessons denote ego.

We often think that the other person’s opinion means more than our own. That is because we have a true heart, and honor all. In that very saying, within our truth, our opinion also blossoms. All matters, is sacred and is precious. All is soul consciousness. 

I believe in the empowerment of creating choices. Let the speaking of your truth happen naturally as it wants to, not how you and others may have been unempowered to think it ‘should’ be. The word ‘should’ denotes a space of untruth; it either is or it is not.

Your truth is valid and real. Speak your truth to release and grow. Things will shift and change in their own way. When we cling out of fear, this blocks the flow and makes our process so much longer. This then, become the focus. That focus causes friction and recreates space in which truth gets lost and confused.

When we resist, this very act uses up a great deal of life energy. This creates depression; repressed truth we feel we have no right to have, oppression, repression, anxiety; fear of the future, sadness; regret of the past, grief and so on. Give yourself space and time to”be” with what is happening alone in compassion or with those who are understanding and of like-mind.

Be gentle with yourself. Be your own best friend; the one you have always wanted. Choose not to project or blame others. That is empowering. Own your truth. Knowing that it is your choice to remain hidden inside or expand into freedom, gives you the space and energy to heal. ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium