Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

I did a reading for a group the other evening. A group reading for a family that was on the edge, a bit desperate. The energy was thick. I spent time uplifting the frequency of vibration while I was giving the family information. One person kept looking down at the ground. Body language representing guilt, blame and shame. We often take this energy on when we feel such an ending, that seems like it is forever.

What can we do to assist others and ourselves when this energy is so heavy? Especially the energies of guilt and shame lay weighted in our auras, creating dis-ease. It seems at times people cling to this energy out of blame and self-criticism. We punish ourselves much more severely than any other could because we live within the frequency we create. Self-incrimination.

We came to the black hole, the sink hole of the difficulty, if you will. Everyone in the group seemed frozen in time, somewhere in the past. It was as if a gate had opened, and in effect one had. The energy became heavy again, as a relative slipped from one dimensional frequency into the one we were inhabiting.

In the space I work in there is a corner. This corner is a vortex; an opening from one dimension to another. Frequently people experience this energy coming from this area. Many different dimensional beings enter and leave through this vortex. Nothing demonstrative. The energy just comes and goes through this area.

This night was no exception. He came through. During the reading he would say things like, “You have no idea!” He was describing his choices that he made here on earth during his lifetime. Such poor decisions that affected so many people, in such a negative way. Deep confusion. Taking responsibility for his actions? As he finished describing his actions and giving validations, he left through the vortex, opening a black door and going into black energy. As he left he said, “I am reconstituting myself.”

It was an interesting remark. Interesting as well, to see the darkness of the situation. What did this darkness represent? What did the word ‘reconstitution’ mean? Like soup from a can or dried vegetables, when we add water? Alchemy. The word stuck with me. A few night later I heard the word on a genealogy show, about reconstituting the family through the knowledge of the larger picture, going back decades upon decades. The universe had heard our quandary and answered back.

To me, darkness means ego and fear. Confusion. We all contribute to this energy in the adding or in the subtracting through the land of duality of water to our bodies; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. We cannot live without the reconstituting of our mortal selves without water. We are about 80% water. Distillation of any substance, using water creates a new substance. What was this mans soul creating through his actions? What had he realized looking at himself through the mirror of divine presence? Was he releasing the darkness he had chosen to create, from this perspective? Reconstituting oneself from mortal flesh, releasing to create anew through immortality.

I would feel much more relieved if I could say without a doubt, fear would never be reconstituted; created once more through various means. Still to this day, I hear some members of this family have not been able to find a way to move forward; to reconstitute themselves and their family-at-large. This doesn’t mean it will never happen, and yet this is where these souls have chosen to remain, in this frequency, through their thought process. Always a choice. Never a lesson.

We choose on our own, in free will. Empowerment through the action of will or not. We live in this truth of creation, which is for all, affecting all that is. There is no time, as that is man-made and the universe relies on different ways. Cause and effect, yes and yet, it is up to each, how we choose to react or not. When we forget to breathe the universe is still, in it’s all-knowing presence. Peacefully breathing life into all matter. Malleable. Forgiving. Expanding.