Vagus Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement

Vagus Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement
Copyright @ By Michele Nappi
Enlightenment is awareness. An awakening. Within the moment of now there is the space of and
for creation and manifestation. We are all as enlightened as any one of us can be, at any given
moment. Therefore, we are all enlightened beings. Enlightenment/awareness, is for all of us! Now that you are aware of this possibility, it is within your power to create and manifest on a mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual level the VAGUS Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement! This frequency of energy is now a part of your consciousness automatically. You are therefore and hereby, enlightened and empowered with this knowledge!

One of the secrets to controlling your immunity is the Vagus nerve. It provides a high-speed line of information to the brain from the gut, where battles with bugs are continually raging. Knowledge
of the Vagus’s role is all about mind over matter. You see this effect in Tibetan monks who pass a test into monkhood by generating enough heat off their bodies in freezing temperatures to make a cold, moist blanket on their shoulders, dry out. It comes from the Vagus nerve, which sends messages to major organs in the body and carries information back to the brain. It’s the main mechanism by which your brain audits your body. Those monks figured out how to meditate to fake out their bodies that they’re warm rather than cold.

By manipulating the connection between the gut and brain, we have the ability to quiet the high-level inflammation and immunity challenges that affect the way we age. We now understand that by training the Vagus, we positively influence our immune system and aging. Aging is reversible, through prodding the Vagus. According to studies longevity is based more on your behaviors and lifestyle choices, that genetics. With this attunement you will not only prod your genes, you will cleanse negative influences and frequency from your body. You have the choice to become enlightened and empowered to specific life-style choices that are inhibiting you from this fountain of youth; your Vagus nerve.

The energy of this attunement has been set to cause no harm. All you need to do is read this and request that this attunement be downloaded energetically to you, through your crown chakra/top of your head. The attunement activation happens instantaneously through intention. Your VAGUS nerve now is attuned to emit enlightenment and empowerment within your being, for your benefit and highest good. This assists your Vagus nerve exactly as it has historically assisted Tibetan monks and others. Remember it is all about “mind over matter!” You can therefore, ask that Vagus Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement be downloaded through intention, as many times as you wish. For example, I have set the intention for myself to be as follows, “I accept the Vagus Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement (or simply put – the VAGUS Attunement) to be downloaded to fill and surround me each morning as I awaken.” This is my intention and so it is! There is no effort. There does not need to be. It just occurs.

Over the ages we have heard such things as “be like a child” and that those who stimulate their
Vagus nerve by breathing in a certain way remain youthful looking and healthier. We can make a
conscious choice to be like a child, innocent, peaceful, and stress-free on a continuous level. We ask that the atoms we are made of vibrate our Vagus nerve so that we remain vibrationally, at a youthful, healthy frequency; a whole, healthy being whose frequency of vibration is aligned and activated within this VAGUS Attunement! This has always been a possibility and some have made it a reality. This information has always been available for any one of us. We have learned that thoughts are things with a frequency. As we create this frequency within and around us we can choose to be a Fountain of Youthful, Healthy Enlightenment & Empowerment, by choice.

The VAGUS Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement assists in looking younger and most importantly, feeling healthier on all levels as you automatically, gently cleanse and release old negative taught-thoughts (we have all been taught the thoughts we think), enlighten and empower yourself, creating vitality; easing and releasing any pain & suffering, creating within the aura, youthful enlightenment & empowerment on all levels of being. The attunement heightens awareness regarding any mental/emotional issues surrounding dis-ease on any level. You become enlightened and empowered. Through this knowledge you can then release this blockage. This blockage is now released. This also creates a higher frequency in the aura, that fills and surrounds the individual each and every time the VAGUS Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement is downloaded into the
consciousness, creating space to know and feel peace deep within. This peace is the space of
youthful abundance; enlightenment and empowerment. This radiates outward from deep within, all
the while the VAGUS Attunement continually emits it’s frequency.

After you have accepted the VAGUS Attunement for yourself, you have the ability to place your
intention to send this attunement to someone else! You are empowered and enlightened to do this. Simply state that this has happened. Everything we can imagine is out there as a frequency, vibrating. We simply match our frequency to it, and draw it to us. You may choose to state, “I am now giving/sending the VAGUS Enlightenment & Empowerment Attunement (or simply VAGUS Attunement) to __________.” Know that the attunement is activated, has downloaded itself, and it has arrived at it’s destination in the proper manner, causing no harm, through intention.

Blessings for All & Given Freely for it’s Benefit, Michele Nappi – Psychic Medium/Healer
PO Box 364, Milton, VT. 05468

*Please mention my name with all correspondance pertaining to this attunement as part of reciprocal energy.