Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you low vibes; a ‘yuck’ feeling, a single hesitation beforehand. When you feel that something just isn’t right. There is no need to explain or make sense of it.  Remind yourself to trust that little inner voice when it talks to you”.

  • Kerstin:  Why is this so difficult to actually do at times?

  • My Answer: Great question, Kerstin!

  • I believe the bottom line is fear. Fear of what others may think; finger pointing, blame, fear of change, fear of loss; ego, and so forth. I believe it is also about trust. We have been conditioned away from trusting ourselves. From believing in our innate wisdom; our soul.

  • What I keep reminding myself and others of is that it is a process. Every step we gain when believing in ourselves, trusting in ourselves, matters a great deal. Focus on the times we have heard and listened to our inner voice. Then move forward with the rest of our lives. That is what I remind myself of. Release and get on with the life that is within us always as our soul; our higher selves.

  • I think another part of it is not wanting to believe what we are intuiting. It’s not the outcome we want so we attempt to believe something we know deeply is not the truth. This brings us full-scale into a frequency that we had determined was low and unhealthy for us. We always have choice; free will. We can choose empowerment.