The Fourth Coming: Joy

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

I hold a Meditation, Healing, and Group Reading (divination) event on the first Wednesday evening of each month at 6:30 pm at my shoppe; Moonlight Gifts in Milton, VT.

Last night’s group was very powerful and peaceful. ~ MP

The meditation is often led by me and impromptu. This night we walked along a path that led to a mountain. The path circled around and led up the mountain. As we walked on the path crystal clear quartz with gold showed itself within the mountains ledge, filling and surrounding us with this energy. I often include a waterfall piece to the mediation, and this evening was no exception. During the meditation we came to a clearing atop the mountain. Still following the pathway we came to a crystal clear quartz lotus carved out by the adjoining waterfall. The water glimmered and glittered in the light. Within this lotus structure was the most amazingly clear water. We all dove in. Drink of the water. Bathe in it. Many spontaneous healing occurred. One woman wept. Afterwards, we sat on the rim of the lotus. Each petal, like a perfectly carved seat for someone to sit upon. Messengers came. Angels. Ancestors. We shared time together until it was time to leave this sacred space that we created through intention. As we stepped upon the path once more, we made our way down the mountain, back upon the original path and then opened our eyes. We shared our experiences.

We heard bells ringing within the meditation space. We heard what sounded like paper crinkling, crackling loudly coming from the true Eastern corner of the shoppe. This is a vortex of energy. Many events have happened through this opening! We sat in circle, I led the group. From behind me came another crackling, crinkling sound that all heard. We knew we were being visited for the highest good of all, as this was our intention.

Even before you mentioned bells, I heard them, by the front window, while everyone else was hearing the papers rustling. Lots of good energy for sure!” ~ Michelle

When I was up at the counter with the woman that had her hair up/blonde hair something ‘different’ happened. We both just stood there motionless. My earring (left) slowly moved out of my piercing and flew onto the desk area in front of me. I felt it slowly leave my earlobe and she witnessed it, too. We were talking about the 3rd Wednesday monthly event specifically ‘soul consciousness/awakening.’ We began to laugh. She said, “Maybe I should come to the soul consciousness group!” ~ MN

Each person received a reading. Spirit was felt by all; standing behind them, touching their hair, hearing bells and paper crinkling noises. Spirit was specific with each persons reading. At last the readings were done and conversation began within the group as a whole. I shared that spirit was talking about a new wave of awakening coming soon and how people; Lightworkers will be assisting in this new wave. I saw massive amounts of people waiting for this event. I saw a huge sinkhole opening, swallowing all that was around it, and then as it filled up, it was covered as if nothing really ever happened. Meaning that this new wave of energy will be quick and simple. Joyful.

For what ever reason I decided to pull Tarot cards the next morning coming back into the shoppe. I wrote down questions to pull cards about. The ‘4th Coming’ came to me, as an intuitive message. I recalled last night about talking about a new wave of energy with the group. I asked the cards, ‘What is the 4th Coming? I received the 3 of Cups which means’ joy.’

With each question I reshuffled the cards.

I asked, ‘Who/what am I generating’ and received the 6 of Cups which also has a meaning of ‘joy.’

I asked, ‘How can this serve the highest good?‘ I received the 10 of Cups which equals being thankful. At that time a card fell out of the deck. I received the Priestess of Cups which signifies ‘creative movement.’

Joy. Gratitude. Movement.

I then looked up the meaning of ‘the 4th Coming’ on line, out of curiosity and found out about 5 candles that are lit at advent season. 1-3 candles are prophecy, proclamation, and anticipation. 4th candle means ‘joy.’ You can read more in this article below:

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