Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium


5 Stages of Grief: Shock ,Denial, Anger ,Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance .

We all go through this daily, through our dreams, through communication with others, quietly believing we are alone and estranged from others until we realize that this is what is happening.

When we feel separated out from others for a prolonged period of time, we begin to feel at a loss for humanity. Grief does not always mean physical death. I believe we go through many small deaths daily, depending on our level of consciousness.

Do we feel we are allowed to discuss this grief? No, not always. We struggle with this. Does it come out ‘sideways’ in unhealthy means? Most likely through anger, bargaining, depression, denial, and shock. Life is a death process in many small, arbitrary ways. How have you chosen to deal with your grief? What labels do you place on it? Do you feel ashamed and guilty about the ways in which you think and act about this grieving process we are all in? Would shame and guilt then be added to the Stages of Grief?

When we separate ourselves away from others we begin to think others don’t get it. They may be in a stage of grief at that time, as well. They may see us as distant at the same time we are feeling our own separation from others and ourselves. This is called mirroring.

When my younger sister died I went through many stages of grief. Some people understood this and had the ability to assist me in healing, others did not. For what ever reason, some people chose not to understand or learn how to assist those that are grieving. Sometimes people actually are so young emotionally that they see disease or death as being abandoned and retaliate against the sufferer for this imagined offense.

Yes, there are groups; physical groups, groups online, and so forth to join to discuss our process. What about the daily process of grieving any type of loss? Is the original separation from our soul worth grieving over? I truly believe this is the beginning of our grieving.

It is more than okay to grieve and go through as many cycles of grieving as one does. Yes, we may go off on tangents. We may get lost in one or more of the stages of grief. To others it may seem as if we are permanently lost to them and they move on without us. It is a process of renewal.

Do for yourself, what you feel others can not do for you.

1 Allow yourself to know you are in a grieving process.

2. Comfort yourself as well as possible through simple breathing exercises, moderate exercise, sitting in a warm bath or shower, caring for yourself with compassion and nurturance.

3. Find comfort in the written word. Music. What ever suits your mood at the time. Something uplifting.

4. Know that suffering is a choice. Yes, pain is part of life and yet, suffering is a process in which we decide how to do this.

5. Cry. Moan. Sob. Pound a pillow. Run. Dance. Be in ceremony. Honor life. See that the sun that sets, also rises!

6. Allow the release of suffering. This does not mean you no longer care. You do. You are finding different ways in which to live your life.

7. Mingle with others, even if it is a slow process.

8. Find joy in simple things like new born flora or fauna.

9. Believe in yourself.

10. Smile. This simple act does wonders for your soul.