She Speaks so That Others May Listen

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Before she was born we spoke telepathically. “I am an ancient soul,” she said. We may have the ability to hear, but are we listening?

Scenario: A child has been ‘talking’ since birth; 3 weeks. It began after a near-death experience.

I know I can hear this child through telepathy in English (there is no language of the soul) and yet, this child speaks out loud in English and has for months. Many people have heard this child – and I only say that because of this ‘crazy’ life of so many of us – where people ‘don’t believe’ and haven’t on so many subject – which is fine. It is a process. Evidence is now on video. Believe it or not, it is true.

When we believe that ‘no one is listening’ it is because we are not listening to ourselves. Not believing in our innate wisdom of our soul consciousness. “ ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

As people leave their physical body they have been known to re-connect with the soul consciousness that we all are. People hear their loved ones talking to others they cannot see, as their loved ones lay dying. Many medical professionals have heard this and published documents on this fact.

As energetic beings we come to experience a physical, material life. When we first come to have this experience we are vastly more connected to the soul consciousness at first, than when we become conditioned and taught-thought into conformity. This is a survival mechanism and yet, the soul is ever living.

Are these children so recently created; so much yet connected to soul consciousness, being born to those who can accept them or vise versa?

Are beings; thought-forms coming into being to show us who and what we have forgotten; who we truly are as multi-dimensional beings or are thought-forms dying away to allow us this wisdom?

So much has been scientifically proven and yet, we are so conditioned we feel the fear that the ego may pass away and make a choice then, to believe or not to believe. Fear or love. Duality. We are all-knowing presence. Free from duality.

We can be anything and anyone. We are this energy of creation.

“We have the ability to release so that we don’t repeat what is not for our highest good. What then, keeps us from releasing? Own this. Release it. Enjoy this precious life.” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium