Awakening and Assisting Others

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Assisting in the case of yet another missing young woman. I ‘saw’ green and/or grey car. Roll-over down an embankment. Told the ones who called me about that. They affirmed the car. Still no sign of the young woman, though.

I’ve been ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ events/conversations before they happen frequently. The more I experience this the more I am understanding that this is what is happening. It is all living energy. A frequency to be picked up on. We are all of this, always.

I experience this information and then people come in to the shoppe and/or call to confirm it. Or IS IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND?

At first when this began to happen it was very confusing because my mind was programmed to believe the conversation or event had already happened and people were repeating themselves. Maybe I was having a ‘brain fart.’ Or I was making things happen, or imagining things. Now I am much more used to this happening so it isn’t so shocking to me when it happens. It is becoming ‘usual.’

I am being more and more soul consciousness. In between these awakenings I am what I would label as ‘ordinary’ and/or ego. It is this process of awakening that takes time, as we call it and yet, would we want to be so shocked that we knew it all. all at once. Would our psyche be able to handle being here and there all at once? Could we fall asleep safe in our bed one evening and wake up in a whole different place and not have emotional reactions? What about all of our taught-thoughts? Our conditioning? Losing all we love and hold dear? Our clingings? Would we fall into deep despair and longing so over-whelming that we couldn’t handle it? Would we experience post-traumatic stress reactions; nightmares, anxiety, depression, etc. Is it all worth the risk? It is up to each one of us to decide. It is a process.