“In order to integrate one’s Shadow side, one would bring it out into the Light for examination. This takes a lot of courage on your part. Your sentimental taught-thoughts have created so much fear. What if you were to let it all go? Do you think you would physically die? Either way, it may feel like a death. Who created the Shadow and the Light? We have. We have decided what Shadow and Light mean as far as gutteral sounds; words, go. We have decided what meaning to place on these noises. These meanings and noises have frequencies and affect us vibrationally. We recognize these frequency feelings and they trigger neurons in our brains and descending hormones throughout our bodies. We feel a likeness and a sentimentality for them. They seem familiar to us so we choose them over and over again whether or not they are healthy or get us what we say we want out of life. Yet, we bring about our Shadow selves to examine this feeling again to see if we are done with this or not. Choice. We can release this or integrate it again until one day, we are ready to let go!” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium moonlightgiftshoppe@yahoo.com