How to Heal

@Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

First of all, it is a process. Knowing how does not mean that you choose to heal. When you choose to heal, that is the first step. Pain happens. Suffering is optional.

1. Choose health; mental, emotional, spiritual, physical well-being.

2. Understand that this is a process.

3. Recognize that your thoughts are yours. No one can force you to believe what you do not believe in.

4. Accept your thoughts and know that this is how your emotions are created.

5. Feel those emotions and decide if this is the energy you choose for your life. It is your choice.

6. Know that the other persons thoughts and feelings matter just as much to them, as yours do to you.

7. We are all in this together. Find support first within yourself. Then branch out to like-minded folk.

8. Nurture yourself with compassion.

9. Have courage. You do have courage. You are reading this. It takes courage to begin the healing process.

10. Trust yourself. “A’ truth is something we choose to believe in. The truth is true for all.

The truth is that you can heal by going within to your core, that unconditioned energy you came here with and will leave with when it is your time to. It is pure energy. You are that energy, that frequency. It is ‘you.’ It’s your song, sing it. Dance. Play. Enjoy simple pleasures. If you feel stuck know that we all feel this way at times. Release the focus that creates the point of view and rest. It is a process.