Healing Imagery Spa

Close your eyes and see Reiki/healing energy filling and surrounding you. Breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing while filling and surrounding yourself with healing energy. See this energy as clear, white, golden or light blue. What ever color you feel drawn to assists you deeply.

Use imagery to see yourself receiving this energy and getting a massage. Begin the massage at your temples. Go to your cheeks. Neck. Shoulders. Back. Place your hands on your tummy and confirm sending healing energy to yourself. Continue the imagery of giving yourself a massage/getting a massage. Hips. Thighs. Legs and feet.

Using this imagery is very relaxing. Before you begin you could start some meditation-type of music (without words). You could light a candle or use aromatherapy. Put some lavender on or what ever scent you are drawn to before you go into the meditation/imagery.

Just talking about this I can feel my energy changing! ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium imageryspamoonlightgiftshoppe@yahoo.com