Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium


In generations past people were taught-thought to not question authority making. This leaves no room for growth, wisdom, or expansion. Those who question authority are still often questioned about their sanity. This is a form of bullying and abusive behavior. Authority figures are people first; born human, that take on and choose a responsibility that earns them money and prestige. When this is how we make money we cannot let go easily; release certain authority for fear of losing what we have created. This is a double-bind way of living. I choose to make conscious decisions. I will not ingest what no longer serves my highest good.

It is our moral responsibility I believe, to question authority figures. To keep health at the forefront for all involved. It is more than okay to speak up, although many have fear in doing so. Fear creates dis-ease and is a part of a cycle of discomfort in general. In this cycle with fear addressed and released, we can all move forward in ease, comfort and peace.

I am not talking about denial of disease, I am talking about speaking our truth without fear. Reinforcing authority over ourselves and our health on all levels is of utmost importance, as this is the body; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that we live within. Allow yourself to be an authority figure in your own life.  I believe by speaking our inner truth we will and are so much healthier.

I am writing about this because of a few conversations I and loved ones, have been in with ‘those in authority.’ I no longer give authority to anyone over my own truth, as if I were a piece of pie and could be handed out as dessert after dinner. I’ve grown beyond this and it is no longer a part of who I am.