Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vortex Activation: Palm Chakras

Michele Nappi
@copyrightThere are many earth vortices. Some are more familiar than others such as the Sadona, Arizona vortex. There are also personal vortices called Chakras. Chakras are subtle force centers said to channel energy into the body. In Sanskrit the word Chakra means spinning vortex similar to a spinning wheel or an eddy of water.

Chakras act as gateways between the higher planes of existence; lighter frequencies of vibration, and the physical plane that we perceive as our reality. From chakra vortices energy is distributed throughout the body in a system of pathways called Nadis in Sanskrit. The Chakras resemble Ley Lines, crossing and meeting at certain points within the body. The difference between a major and minor Chakra is made by how many and how major these points of interaction or Nadis, that cross and meet are. There are seven major body vortices and many other minor vortices including at the palms of our hands and soles of the feet.

When we speak we are transmitting vibration out into the galaxies of these guttural ‘noises’ that tell the universe who we believe we are in the moment. These vibrations meet up with like-frequency and echo back to us what we believe is our reality. Thoughts have frequency of vibration. These vibrations that echo back are within our energetic being. These thoughts are emitted through, not only our guttural noises but through the water molecules that we breathe out. These thoughts are within this water and within us; check out Dr. Emoto’s work/movie What The Bleep Do We K(now).  When we say low energy words/vibrations we are adding to any low energy words/vibrations that have gone before us for eons. You are creating your universe and your being. While simply ‘being’ we vibrate at a certain frequency. You are in charge of your thoughts, the thoughts you choose to keep in your head and what you believe. Thus, you create.

There are many energies that can create vortices. For natural or positive vortices, it is our intention that will determine the type of prana; energies such as chi, ki, and so forth, drawn to create a vortex. Any location that has had healing energy done for an extended period of time will have drawn and built-up prana, therefore creating a vortex of this energy in this particular space, including the human body. All space is sacred. All is sacred energy. You yourself are sacred, divine energy.

Etherical energy is created through the intention of it through meditation, prayer, the use of universal life-force energy through yoga practice, creating a labyrinth, Shamanism, Reiki, Deeksha, Matrix Energetics and the like. These practices create varying degrees of consciousness depending on intention and being able to get out of our own way, so to speak. Many have and do consciously emit their soul during these practices. The more one practices and gets out of the mind-chatter of the day, releasing taught-thought ways of being, the higher the created energy and the more enduring and resilient the vortex of energy being created. You do not have to do a thing to create this energy, as you are already it. Though through intention you can work with the subtle prana and be at a greater awareness of it. Your sheer awareness creates.

Energy vortices are whirling pools of energy. The spinning vortex creates a pull upon the immediate environment and influences the flow of prana by altering its straight line path. Vortexes are a common feature of the unseen world and are found in earth chakras, earth ducts and other apparatus in the ether around us. The energy vortices that I am talking about are not features of permanent structures in the unseen world, but form because of human interaction with the energetic beings that we are within the chakra vortices of our bodies that are much like the vortices on this planet earth. They are created and found in the plane of energy that fuels and powers the physical and etheric, and energetic planes.

Uplifting natural vortices of earth have a clockwise spin (counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere) and baths you in Mother Earth’s life forces. The vortex taps into Mother Earth’s field and draws prana from its immediate area towards its center. This increased draw of prana from the spinning vortex is fed into its center. Anyone situated in a natural vortex is bathed with this increased draw, or dose of prana. Natural vortices are great places for healing, connecting with spirit and invigorating oneself. You do not need to go anywhere though, to be within the vortex of energy you are able to create, and do create with your own physical body. You can choose to be a vortex of positive energy within yourself.

Putting your hands together in a ‘prayer position’ with palm chakras facing one another creates a energetic vortex channel. When you use this prayer position you emit vibration that is unique to you to be sent out to the universe and beyond. Your particular water molecules that you breathe out, include all that you are made up of, are also sent this way. Both feminine and masculine energies are combined to create this vortex channel of energy that is in a constant spin of positive vibration. This creates a closed circuit vortex, a continues loop of swirling , positive energy. No belief system is required for this experience. What you decide to do with this energy and beyond it, is up to you through your free will. You are responsible for your own intentions. Why would you expect anyone or any being to do for you, what you would not choose to do for yourself? This experience transcends time and space, going beyond duality consciousness.

In order to understand the principle of what a vortex is the simplest way is to watch the water in a bucket being filled by using a hose and place the hose to the side of the bucket wall. What happens is the force of the water creates an artificial energy vortex through its own flow from the hose and the round shape of the bucket. However when you shut down the water flow the vortex fills itself in due to no rotating energy being applied to keep it constant. When placing your palms or the soles of your feet together you create this type of vortex. You naturally emit moisture and energy through your chakras located at these areas of you body, and others. Chakras are natural energy vortices.

With the process of a chakra activated vortex, the principle is the same except for the fact that the force keeping it perpetual is the force of  the two energetic wave tones combining together. Once activated it is self perpetuating so the energy remains at a constant level until you do something with it. You may choose to create a chi ball of energy to use to heal yourself , others, the earth, animals, a particular situation and so forth in this way. To create a chi ball of energy simply put your hand chakras together and though intention, draw to you universal source energy. Ask and your receive. You can see this a blue-white light, clear light or what ever you would like to label it as. While you have your palm chakras facing one another, move them apart, together, apart, together to create friction of the energies emitting from either palm chakra, working together to create the chi ball. You may feel tingling sensation, heat, a magnetic pull/pushing sensation. As you create this vortex you can then place your palms on any part of your body to absorb this created energy. While setting this intention, you can then also ‘send’ this energy to anyone or anything of your desire. Play with this energy and see what you can do with your creation.

Within our world there are many elements that are existing through an interaction of two other elements which create it such as water; hydrogen and oxygen. Placing your palm chakras together is using the feminine and masculine energies to create a third combined energy; a vortex spinning clockwise in a positive manner. This is divine, sacred energy. This is the One energy. You are bringing two opposites together to form a third element. You are creating beyond duality; beyond sides. You are always connected to this energy, as it is you although now you have a megaphone, so to speak to connect and commune with the universe that is uniquely you as your DNA structure uniting with the all of the cosmos. You can place your lips against the created vortex, up to the palms together and speak into it. Your intention will be heard throughout the galaxies. This is a natural implement of communing with the cosmos and beyond.

This energetic matrix that you have formed, is a combination of two activators; male and female energy, which form it. They in turn create a helix which is aligned to your human DNA helix. The foundation of the energy which creates this base is where the DNA gets its power along with the priciples of vortex energy. Now the loops within the helix are anti-gravity spaces, beyond duality consciousness. To exponentially expand them requires this matrix formula and then you can make those spaces do whatever you wish.

Some refer to this as a positive, up-flow vortex. I believe there is no such thing as positive or negative, good or bad, right or wrong; only perception of the being doing the thinking. One side of war is neither good or bad, depending on what side of the fence you may be standing on. Which side of the coin is the other side? We can go beyond duality thinking. Combining yin/yang energy generates a harmonious vortex of energy. There are no sides. There is one energy created by two activators. It becomes. It is what it is.

Palm chakra vortex activation is an area of high energy concentrations, combining two opposites to form a whole, originating from magnetic, spiritual energy. You may consider this to be a gateway or portal to other realms, both spiritual and dimensional.  Either way, it is uplifting and expanding for most.


You are a thought. Thoughts manifest energy. You are an energetic being. The thoughts you think create who you believe you are. They create your reality and way of being in this world. Energy vortices begin as thought forms. Each thought that we have creates a thought form that looks to manifest itself, attaches to the thinker and to where the thought occurred. When we go to change the way we think, we may be in a down-ward spiral of a way of thinking that has been create for generations before us. Earth energy may feel quite sticky. When we decide to change, we are literally changing our energetic vortex. WE are literally changing our mind and the way it creates. This is why mental types of therapy can be very draining. They can be more tiring than physical labor. This is a key element to know, when we decide to change. When we know differently, we do differently and become different. We are our own creation.

Thoughts that attach to a place are described as a thought that has attached itself to your subtle body, like water constantly eroding a great boulder of physical material such as creating a mountain. These thought-forms become a record of your actions. We may react from these thought-forms without being consciously aware of it. Especially when previous experiences have been painful, we choose to fight or go into flight-mode to escape. These ways of being can work against us when we decide to change the pathway of our lives. While thoughts create feelings we become like a vortex; a whirlpool that is stuck. It is this circular whirlpool motion of the thought that plants itself on us and at the location where it occurred. This is why when we feel we have changed, we may feel like moving away from the location where these thoughts were created and/or occurred or we feel we need to move away from them to create change. Echardt Tolle writes about this as a ’pain body.’ We may be in such fear, that we cannot see clearly the reality we have created for ourselves and those around us to experience.

I call these taught-thoughts. We are taught what we know by the previous generation, and they their’s. These planted thoughts are like seeds that grow within us and grow their roots, leaving us to think or do the same thing over and over again. If we keep thinking or doing the same thing at the same place over time the seed thought gets stronger. All the time the seed thought is looking to plant more seeds and encouraging us to think or repeat the same behavior. As it gets stronger the swirl of the whirlpool gets stronger as well. Eventually the swirl becomes so strong that it becomes a vortex and begins pulling in prana from its immediate environment. This in turn, creates all that we consciously know as how we are, in the reality we have created for ourselves. We can change this habitual way of thinking, doing and being through intention. We can create a vortex of peace within by being beyond duality. We can place our palms together and create a new energetic vortex through our awareness of it, by intention. We can create and play with vital energy. This natural vortex that we choose to form, is naturally uplifting and fortifying. This universal source energy then responds to our newly formed intentions to heal, to give ourselves peace of mind, to assist or to aspire to the divine, sacred beings that we are.