Twelve-Pointed Golden Star:


Michele Nappi


There are times in life when we are shown that it is to our benefit to go within, into silence. To connect with our soul, to receive divine mysteries from beyond. Within the past few weeks I have been given the word ‘initiation’ many times during readings, messages from beyond duality. I have received words such as, “You are not here to learn lessons.” This has given my human spirit personality much to ponder. It goes against previous taught-thoughts. The neurons in the brain have been set, haven’t they? How do we go beyond the veil of fear that we ourselves have created? By embracing the divinity that we are. Peace resides within our soul, as being beyond duality.

A few weeks ago I was shown a golden star, that was within my aura. I wasn’t sure at that time what it meant. I thought about it and looked into it a little through the usual human means of asking others and looking up data. This past week I saw that one of the points of this star was within my crown chakra, placed into my third eye. I had been initiated. I have also received the word, ‘surrender’ a few times within this time frame. I was given the message that if I accepted this challenge, which I have, that it would change my life dramatically. When I shared this with a friend, she merely shrugged her shoulders.

I noticed the number 12. I realized the color gold. I thought about the fact that I, at this time have 12 students that I am teaching about psychic development and their continuous progress to know their soul in this way. They were all learning a great deal about the dimension we call ‘psychic’ and the Holy Grail of universal love and human kindness. We are all in a state of spiritual rebirth and experiencing this compassionate way of realizing self, as spirit within the human body. Going through the chakras one by one, each week was awakening to most. Learning about color as frequency, meanings of related gemstones, encoding water through thought, and so on.

I realized my role as teacher and guide. I realized by spiritual role, as well. The role of the soul, as the heart chakra, that is always connected to Source was playing in this. The role as spirit expressing myself through this world of duality. Our ego-self can keep us tied to the sticky energy of expression through taught-thoughts that have been handed down, one generation after the next. It’s a process within each individual of self-realization and re-birth to let go of these type of thoughts to find our unique, divine being within. We get to travel the vast terrain of the mortal abyss, catching glimpses of sparkly things that hold our attention and then we are off again. The trouble with this, is that we can become lost when we forget to go into silence, mediation and rest.

So I’m walking around realizing on some level I have a 12-pointed golden star stuck in my third eye, hovering over my head. Talk about alchemy. How to explain this to the population has caused some furor within. At first I thought, “What initiation?” Even though I work with this energy every day of my life, it felt a bit awkward. My conscious has been expanded and all I get is this t-shirt? Just kidding. I realized the effort was mine to make. No one is going to understand this particular aspect of me, but me. I had gone through a state of surrender, initiation, expansion, and creation. At this stage I could realize the initiation, the surrender of my spirit expression to that of my soul and it’s connection with Source, or throw myself on the ground and wail away. At my age, it isn’t all that cute and there was no one to pick me up and give me a hug but me. That is if I didn’t realize all that went into getting the experience of being me to this point of my expression. That is if I didn’t believe that other beings have gone on before us, who have learned so much more and have the heart and souls to share what they can. I do believe.

We each have a unique existence, through the expression of self. We each find our own way to our soul’s purpose on our own yellow-brick road, or in my case a 12-pointed golden star. With each new decision comes a new level of experiencing certain frequencies of vibration. Some call it love, others peace, still others divinity. Today I decided on, “It is what it is.” The story will unfold on it’s own. I’ve grabbed the bull by its horns, the comet by the tail, pulled down the Moon, and accepted where I am as my divine right. My intuitive self, as my Soul is intact. Was it ever not? I am getting this close to being Soul, being this perception at all times. Since there is no such thing as time but here on earth, I AM that which is. Yes, this is what I asked for. This is my destiny. This is who I AM.

Within the next week, during a Theta brain wave meditation I received the golden star within the center of my being. I see it there, moving and fluctuating. It is now who I AM as experience and expression of myself.