Someone said, “I wish I was free. I am my own captive.”

My Response: “It is a process of releasing the old conditioned, taught-thoughts and realizing it is all illusion, made up and accepted for sentimental reasons. These thoughts are passed down from one generation to the next and accepted as ‘the’ truth when in actuality they are ‘a’ truth we have chosen and accepted out of fear, mostly. Important to take a few minutes every day (every hour) to remind yourself of this. Thoughts change. They are released. Watch teenagers – children – question things. All that is new – babies, tree leaf buds, spring flowers, etc. are here to assist us in realizing just who we have decided to be and what we have chosen to believe in. We are so fearful that we cling and grab at all the things we know deep down, are not for our highest good. Then in that same moment, we are aware.” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium