Scry Yourself to Sleep or Scry to Awaken

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Scrying is the means of divining through gazing. The diviner will stare into (or perhaps beyond) a dark, reflective surface. Scrying can be done in a dark mirror, a bowl, a crystal, or a surface of water under the moonlight.

How do you ‘scry yourself?’ We find much more information about ourselves; the illusion of ourselves that we have decided unconsciously, to believe in. While we divine ourselves daily and we all do this, we look into our dark recesses to discover who we have chosen to be. We have been taught to not like certain parts of ourselves that we call our shadow selves or our darkness. Yet, this reflective surface that we gaze into is utterly magical! It is as malleable as we are fallible.
I see my conditioned, taught-thoughts melting away, floating away in bubbles of light. I realize them and they show me this illusionary experience.

Oh, how the sacredness of creation forms. Grows and pushes its way into the light of experience!

Has your mind ever changed? Humans are fallible. Energy is malleable. Changeable. Creative. Experiential. Isn’t it interesting that we can be the bearer of a thought that we create, that we don’t like? In Harry Potter, Dumbledore used his wand to pull a memory out of his head to examine it further in a pool of water. He was scrying his own thoughts for a different point of view. Perception. What we make of it. Our thoughts are our choice. We create them to experience ourselves through, like it or not.
We show ourselves that there is more to us than we think, when we think a thought and then decide we may not like the thought. We have depth. We have the ability to go from surviving confusion to thriving in awareness and peace of mind. All-knowing presence can be and is tapped into. We do have the ability to experience the larger picture. We can experience clear seeing; clairvoyance through the reflective mirror of our own soul! We have free will and can make any decision we would like to and live within the consequences of our choice. At any given moment we can go from karma; action and reaction to stepping outside of duality into soul consciousness. Awareness of the thought we have created and it’s consequences that directly affect ourselves and indirectly affect all else.

When we experience our shadow self, a dark night of the soul, our own darkness we become unconscious. We begin to rapidly set the scene for us to envision in this dark, reflective surface of our own mind. Many times this is a time of transition. We feel we are at a crossroads in our life and don’t know where to turn. We begin to berate ourselves, deeply pulling up our own mis-guided taught-thoughts in order to examine them closely. We may feel an internal fight. We may look for ways to continue this argument outside of ourselves in television shows, movies, theatre, music, addictions, blaming, cajoling, picking fights, stealing, and so forth. Let’s face it. We are lost and unconscious at these times. We may have the intellectual knowledge that we are aware of our behaviors and yet, feel we are lost in our grievances. Our trepidations and angst. Gasping for air, pleading for direction. We may decide we simply do not care about ourselves or others at these tragic times. We cannot see past the boundaries of our own creation and believe that this is all there is to life, forgetting the magnificent times we have lived within as well. This very act of thought shows us we are aware that there is more to life than a thought. We do have the ability to see in many ways at he same time. We can see the larger picture when we allow it.

Someone once told me that, “The other persons feelings matter just as much to them, as yours do to you.” Compassion is being with suffering. We suffer when we tear and rip our truth away from ourselves whether it be truth we like or dislike. We may feel uncomfortable with our own and others suffering and yet, when we decide not to look at it, to run from a truth, we become the lie. We feel this lie and begin to not trust in ourselves, others and life in general. We construct hopelessness, losing control, feeling isolation, thinking we are unwell.

Love is of itself
Not to be owned,
Nor toyed with.
Love has teeth to rip
And lips to sensuous to prove. ~ Michele Nappi

Sometimes love feels like a paper cut, splicing nerves and searing pain sharply winding it’s way to the heart. At times this feels all the usual. This description of love is man-made. By going into our darkest shadows we free ourselves from the fear we have held. We were born of darkness; the womb. In the darkness we also see the brilliance of stars that shine and the moon that glows. We all go along for a while and then crash, emotionally. It is a cycle of life, of growth, of giving way for newness to emerge. We all feel like a child at this time. We are reminded that we are children of the universe. All is illusion. All is temporary. All can be embraced by releasing and letting go of our stuck places.

In Sacred Darkness there is Divine Light. Avoidance creates the focus. We build emotional darkness. We construct our lives to avoid the darkness; pain and suffering and yet, this is what makes it last longer. By accepting the all of ourselves with compassion, we find tranquility. That is nirvana. Yes, it can take great courage being in darkness and yet, we see ourselves for our truth much more succinctly in this place we deem black. This is fear. When we can truly accept our dualistic darkness we realize that we held ourselves within ‘sides.’ We were the ones that bounced ourselves back and forth within those confines. When we decide to allow the not knowing, we discover the whole of ourselves to become conscious. We realize this space of silence within ourselves that connects us with all else. We release our melancholy selves to embrace our heart and soul. We can then care for ourselves in a way we have never allowed ourselves. What a wondrous place to be. Breathe deeply and fully. We know ourselves this way. We have gone from one side of the island, to discover the whole. We can release dread. Anxiety which is fear of the future, sadness which is regret of the past, depression which is our truth we have not allowed ourselves to own. Your soul lives to evolve. When we stay stagnant our energy disintegrates. This is dead energy; energy that has been held onto for so long that it no longer serves a purpose, no longer serves the purpose we created it for. We become the walking dead.

How is a miracle and humor alike? They are both unexpected.

Remember that out of your deepest, darkest fears a new cycle of evolution calls to life itself. Embrace the moment for what it is, AS IT IS and move forward with the energy you are creating with. You alone are enough. Be. You are the gift. Be unexpected as is humor and like the miracle that you are.