Yesterday two women came into my shop Moonlight Gifts, in Milton, VT talking about aches and pains. I could feel my heart open and the Reiki began to flow. I asked one of the women if she would like to try Reiki. She allowed me to put my hands on her shoulders and Reiki flowed through her body. She felt it and looked at me as if to say, “What is this and where has it been!?” 

Her friend that she was with asked how it felt. She said, “Come, try it.” Her friend hesitantly came over to me. As I placed my hands on her shoulders, again the energy flowed. There is a corner in the shop that is a vortex where people,  animals, etc. come through in spirit. It has happened many times before, and did again this time. An elderly woman stood there. I could ‘see’ her as if she was in an old, antique photo. She said, “Don’t worry. It is okay. I am fine.”

The woman I was giving Reiki to began to cry. Her grandmother had died recently and she hadn’t been at her bedside. There was a reason. An addiction that had kicked in big time. Her grandmother had only love and compassion for her. That is what spirit has for all of us. The question is, can we accept this? Can we release our conditioned taught-thoughts long enough to accept this divine love and compassion? For most, it is a work in progress. That is the grace and joy. That YES we can when we allow it. Reiki flows….” – Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

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