No Lessons to Learn

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

“When we go through difficult, dark times it is all about perception. We have talked many times about this in class. It takes multiple times hearing these words, from multiple people for us to experience this and ‘change’ our mind – our neurons. It is about releasing our pre-conceived notions. Letting go of our taught-thoughts no matter how sentimental we may be about them; their attachments. 

REMEMBER that as your soul – you already are aware of all that is. You know all. There are no lessons to learn because you know it all already. The way you can know this is by listening to your intuition – your soul. We seem to forget this. In times of stress (good/bad; duality), trauma, illness, and so forth – we grieve. Yes, even in joy and happiness we release and may grieve the past – we may feel fear. 

The last breath is your past lifetime. The in breath is your commitment to this life in duality and your out breath is your release of it. As you or yours takes the last breath here on earth, the soul emerges like a butterfly – BEing ‘what it is.’ You can live beyond duality – how else can I say this? You ARE beyond duality. You are all and all is you. There is no such thing as duality, it is an illusion. 

When you feel alone and separated remember that your soul never leaves you, because you are that. You are never alone or separated out. The body is denser energy. Word belongs to you, creates duality, creates experience AND your perception is ALWAYS yours to choose. ” 

~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium