Sleep Paralysis or Not!?

Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move (being paralyzed).

“We have had a dark figure living with us at our home. This dark/black figure was interactive. We believe he came and went with a young man, who was living with our family and has now gone. One time my daughter had just had an argument with this man. When this person left the room they were arguing in, the dark figure sat on my daughters legs (she was sitting on her bed) and wouldn’t allow her to move. She didn’t feel fear with this. The person she was arguing with came back to the room and said that he had just seen a dark figure walk up the stairs passed him. This figure looked like it was’ sipping tea,’ he said. My daughter then told him what her experience was. This man said that he had always felt ‘followed.’ 

I had thought that dark beings or masses (I’ve seen both) were about fear. This dark figure didn’t exhibit fearful intentions although the man that this figure seems to be attached to is extremely fearful almost all the time. My daughter was fully awake yet was ‘paralyzed’ from moving her legs at the time.”

My reply: “This does not sound like sleep paralysis because both parties were awake and had been confrontational with one another, raising the energy within and around themselves. This may or may not be an attachment, although it certainly sounds like one because of the person’s acknowledgment of feeling ‘followed.’ This attachment if it is one, may very well be the young man himself. as a disassociate. Perhaps some sort of therapy; past life recall, soul retrieval type of energy work would assist this young man to incorporate such strong feelings.”

Another example: 

“I had what is called a waking dream last night. A waking dream is when you’re still asleep but your eyes open and you can see and hear everything around you but you can’t move. Initially my eyes opened to the sound of my boyfriend calling my name from up the stairs (which didn’t seem right because it was around 8 or 9 in the morning and my boyfriend doesn’t get home from work until about 1 in the afternoon.) Then as I was laying there with my eyes open I realized I couldn’t move at all which really scared me. Next I heard what sounded like the sound of my boyfriends works boots walking down the stairs. Then I saw what looked like a dark hooded phantom figure walk in to the room. The figure was acting just as my boyfriend would when he gets home from work, walking around the room, setting his work closes and stuff down, walking back and forth. I could see and hear all of this happening but I couldn’t move or say anything and I knew, even though it look like the shadow of my boyfriend, it wasn’t him. It was something else, something negative. Then the phantom turned to walk out of the room and just as it was about to leave it turned and looked at me as if to say “you coming?” then it turned again and walked out of the room and I heard it walk back up the stairs. finally several hours later my boyfriend came home from work around 1:30pm and did the exact same routine as the phantom did hours earlier. The only thing different was my boyfriend didn’t call my name from the top of the stairs.”

 My reply: “Sounds like sleep paralysis mixed with a ‘knowing’ of the boy friends habits and/or her psychic abilities.”

Your thoughts on this?

Note of interest: In both of these events, stairs were involved.