“There are times when we accept an idea, a word, some energy and wish to flow with it. We say, “Oh, that makes sense.” Intellectually accepting something. We move forward to incorporate this newness into our lives. This is a process. We are human with all of our conditioning and taught-thoughts. We are pack animals. It takes great courage to go against the norm of the day. This is expansion. Sometimes this strikes fear into others. Unless we are highly evolved spiritual beings, we typically act out our fears directly or indirectly. Our ego lurches forward. We fall into a fit. We may say things to others to injure them so that they join us in our suffering. We may belittle them. Altering our energy, our way of looking at things comes and goes like the tide. We may feel vulnerable. Some may see this vulnerability as a means to attack to say, “See! I told you so.” They are being righteous and indignant. We all suffer. We all change in cycles. It is a PROCESS. If you feel others can not support you, find others who can. With all the multi-media we have access to, there are many avenues of support. Go within, meditate, find peace. Concentrate on your breathing. Release the past, be here now. With each wave of energy we can choose to float or swim against the tide. Choose empowering thoughts. Post affirmations where you can see them. Know that this too, shall pass. Be your own best friend. You are loved and lovable. You are perfectly wonderful just the way you are.” ~ Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium