Empowering Thought

Michele Nappi


“We are all perfection to be recognized.” – Michele Nappi – Mystic Medium


Our physical body is a vessel that carries our soul through life on the physical dimension to learn, and to grow. Our soul yearns for knowledge and wisdom, which is a sum of all our interactions and experiences. We innately know on a soul level that we have come to life as we know it to experience. The soul, being energy gathers wisdom to share. We are meant to share with one another the innate self-kindness and compassion that we are born knowing. We come as a mirror for those that may have forgotten this. As we become older this information may be taught out of us, as we begin experiencing and believing in duality. As in any thing else, it is a choice. We can learn to forgive ourselves for the suffering we have caused within by understanding that we did not know any difference at that moment. We believed what we were told, what we saw, heard, and sensed on many levels.


1. You should be grateful.

2. You could choose to be grateful.

3. I choose to be grateful.

4. I am grateful.

When you read these sentences what thoughts and feelings arise? How does the word ‘should’ make you feel? What are your thoughts that go along with this word? You can interchange the word ‘grateful’ for the word ‘respect’ and so forth. When we become aware of how our thoughts that we choose to put in our heads affect us, we can choose a different path of thinking. We may choose to no longer keep certain thoughts as a way of thinking.

We can practice allowing ourselves to fill and surround ourselves with self-compassion and the kindness we knew instinctively as children. Imperfection is a taught-thought way of thinking. We are all in this together. We all suffer as an experience. Being aware of thoughts creating feelings we become mindful of our Beingness – our soul.

We can sit quietly with ourselves to cradle our soul. We can hold it like we may have chosen to be held as an infant. We can learn to say all the things we would have wanted the caring person in our lives to say to us when we were little and did not know any difference. We smile. Our hearts expand. We touch our spirit selves. In this practice we feel self-compassion.

Practice smiling, humming, singing or whistling to bring a smile to your heart. Move your body with this tune you create. Share your joy that is held in your heart and you affect the whole.