When we remain outside of ourselves long enough, we begin to believe the story we tell ourselves consistently. What is your story? How long have you been repeating it to yourself? You may feel lost. Go within. Come home to yourself. It’s okay, I know it may seem foreign. It may seem uncomfortable, like you don’t fit anymore. Go within your heart and soul. Create space through singing, dancing, recognize your breath, breathe. Use imagery and create something, somewhere beautiful and be within this energy. Practice doing this and the more you do, the calmer, more self-assured you will think and feel. No one else gets to tell you who or what you are but you, unless you hand over the rights. Peace and grace be with you.http://www.michelenappi.com

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Opening & Expanding the Third Eye Chakra allows for sacred vision and awareness of innate power.
The evening will include Tibetan Singing Bowl Session which Includes drums, rattles, chimes and the vibrational sound of the 6th Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl – Note A – to assist you in attuning to your 6th Chakra – your Third Eye.
There will be discussion and information regarding this precious chakra and it’s spinning life-force energy center!
You will receive a powerful, yet gentle attunement to your third eye during this vibrational sound wave bath, led by Michele Nappi – Psychic Medium/Reiki Master and owner of Moonlight Gifts for Body Mind & Spirit.
Join us for this fun, explorative evening event!
6:30 PM
Moonlight Gifts – 174 Rte 7 S. – Milton, VT 05468
Candles are provided per individual to assist in the honoring of sacred space.
$35 – Cost per person. Please bring a yoga mat and/or something to lay down on for your comfort.
*We will be doing a 5 card Third Eye Spread so bring you Tarot cards!
Moonlightgiftshoppe@yahoo.com 802- 893 – 9966

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REIKl (Ray – Key) I – 2/22/18 – CERTIFICATION
ChoKu Rei Symbol pronounced Cho-Koo-Ray – “Put the Power of the Universe here.”

Taught by Michele Nappi, Reiki Master Initiate/Teacher


Welcome. I first became initiated into Reiki in 1997. Since then I have not gone a day without this beautiful energy in my life. I fill and surround myself with Reiki daily. I send distance Reiki daily to all requesting and have for many years.. I simply state, “Reiki sent” or “Reiki flows.” I have a distance healing page on facebook where people from all over the world request Reiki.

Reiki has profoundly changed my life for the better, thus affecting the whole. I believe, that when we send/give Reiki humans, animals, plants and so forth – recognize this energy and respond to it because we are Reiki as Universal Life Force Energy.

Initiation is the process by which a master shares with a student the ability to practice. Initiation lineage keeps a practice alive, and is common in Asian spiritual traditions. – See more at: http://reikiinmedicine.org/reiki-basics/reiki-healing-attunement/#sthash.s2zrgfLC.dpuf

FIRST DEGREE (“I Am in the Light”) is called Shoden. It is the basic course where the student learns self-treatment and how to treat others. This degree will help you learn how to be a clear channel, how to develop a clear mind and develop a compassionate detachment from outcome by releasing control and simply allowing Reiki to happen.

Once attuned, the student will go through a 3-4 week cleansing period where their body adjusts to higher levels of energy. During this period the chakras are cleared, balanced and enlarged. The hara line or central light column is cleared and expanded and the student is able to channel higher levels of ki. The student goes from a 50-watt light bulb to a 100-watt light bulb.

Includes the history of Reiki, hand placements for self and others, Initiation with 4 attunements, first sacred Reiki symbol and practice time to integrate the energy and gain confidence.

Offering inspiration and guidance for making the present moment the focal point of daily life by helping transcend the thinking mind, awaken spiritually, and open to a new way of being in the world. – michelenappi.com

REIKl (Ray – Key) I – 2/22/18 – CERTIFICATION
$35 with Certificate
Moonlight Gifts for Body Mind Spirit
174 Rte. 7 S. Unit 104
Milton, VT 05468


5th Annual Body Mind Spirit EXPO April 21, 2018 Hilton Burlington, VT 05401
802-893-9966 for application.
Gift cards to Etsy are a great last minute gift!
Accessing the heart and soul through Runes with Chi Ball Exercise; The Four Elements Cast:
Chose a question and come to the exercise with clarity on what this question may be, for starters. You could ask simply, what will this day bring for me? You may have a deeper issue to request assistance with.
1. Fire; action to be taken, to be realized from the spiritual plane.
2. Water; feelings to adjust, to be realized from the emotional place.
3. Air; considerations to think about, to be realized from the mental plane.
4. Earth; the roots of the situation, to be realized from the physical plane.
Realize – Release – Relief – Restore:
Have your Rune set near where you can reach it easily. Your Runes in a bag so that you can pull the 4
Create a chi ball of energy by rubbing the palms of the hands together briskly until you feel the heat build. Slowly spread your palms apart about 2″ feeling the energy between the palms. Cup the hands and keep fingers together.
Now as the palms face one another, move them closer to one another, then further away – about 6″ – as you continue this exercise you will feel the heat build, you may feel a tingling sensation, an energetic pull like they are magnetized.
With your palms still facing one another fill and surround your Runes with this energy!
Choose 4 Runes one at a time from the Rune bag.
1. Action to be taken – Realize
2. Feelings to adjust – Release
3. Considerations to think about – Relief
4. Roots of situation – Restore
Sit with this energy as you come to your realization. Decide to release or not. To adjust. Are you finding any relief in your adjustment? What considerations come up for you? Jot them down. Look at the root of the situation with a newly found realization.
I pulled:
1. Isaz – Reflection.
2. Raidho – Destiny.
3. Ansuz – Wisdom.
4. Wunjo – Joy.
Reflection as an action. Thoughts create feelings. – Realize.
Feelings to adjust, moving forward; reaching an imagined destiny. – Release; let go and flow.
Considering the wisdom brought about on my journey and reflections. – Relief. Wisdom of the heart and soul.
The roots being deep and lasting joy. – Restore. Balance. Ground.