When we are Reiki; which is always, when we give/send/receive Reiki; which is what we say we are ‘doing’ even with the highest of intentions, it has nothing to do with us in the sense that we may think it does. The energy we have named Reiki has always been and is labeled many times over throughout the eons of no time only space. We may believe we are transmitting Reiki and expecting it to ‘do’ for some reason. Since Reiki is all-knowing presence, all-that-is, infinite intelligence; our direct link to the universe, this energy shows up in any given way. It may bring someone, something, some day, some where, etc. in any way possible and/or in ways we know nothing of that seem impossible; an unexpected way we may call a miracle. Once the agreement has been made in the here and now; presence, it has already happened. It happened before the idea of Reiki was even thought of. The energy flows without beginning or ending. These are points and they have no flow. A word is a guttural noise of an attempt to explain something to someone outside of self. To explain our experience to the outer world. Not to ourselves, as the experience is just that and is felt within the being; we know it as it is. So when you send/give/receive Reiki it has nothing to do with that which we believe is form. It is formless. Expectations only serve the egoic mind. The all-knowing presence of what we call the soul, does not hold out for expectations or form. Care or not care. Judgement or no judgement, etc. We can and do send Reiki with an idea of an expectation, or a request. Yet, we cannot absolutely know the outcome into eternity; into unfathomable space. What we send out is what we are; Reiki. πŸ™‚ What we ‘be’ is formless, flowing, expansive, energy without any label, even though we sure want to label it. Its us recognizing us. BEcoming as we are BEing.Β ~ michelenappi.com



Last night my dear friend Tina asked a particular question during Meditation, Healing, and Gallery Reading. She asked spirit when does life begin; when does the soul enter the body. As I received the energy of what spirit was saying I teared up, as I do when my heart/soul has been touched.
We think with a human mind. How would we know differently until we know differently?
The infinite all-knowing presence is all. When we go within to our authentic selves we know. All is. All is always.
There is no time; time is man-made. There is no beginning or end. No start or finish. All is soul. It was there ‘before’ and it is there ‘after.’ It is pure presence in all ways, always. Releasing all taught-thoughts. All sentimentality. Perception. Dualism. Sides. Parts. We know, knowing. Soul has always been. Soul is materialized form to know of itself; expression of such grace and magnitude we can barely touch its presence. When we are held in its grace there is no denying. All else fades away and we are this experience; held in it. Everything is ‘it’ already. Words confine it. It flows. – michelenappi.com




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25th – 6:30 PM: Lynn Clauer – SoundandSoulAwakenings@gmail.com. Yoga. Meditation. Breath/pranayama and Gong Bath session. Experience a Gong Bath – Deep vibrational therapy stimulating healing and centering! $20

27th – The Pendulum As A Meditation Tool & Technique with Ray A. Simmons, Jr

Discussion about Ray’s path through meditation and his discovery of gemstone pendulums as a meditation tool. This is a totally different use of pendulums as people have to be matched to a gemstone for it to work as it uses the gemstones energy. Ray has many years of experience in the gem and mineral kingdom. He will be explaining how most people have an energy connection to certain minerals and how to use that connection to meditate and relieve stress. – $20

MAY 3rd – 6:30 PM: Gallery Psychic Medium Readings by Michele Nappi – Guided Meditation & Healing Included. Suggested: $20

11th – 6:30 PM: Monthly Tibetan Singing Bowl Session in Group (Many various Bowls) led by Michele Nappi – Guided Meditation – Candlelight Vigil – 6′ Copper Pyramid Ancient Healing Technique. Chakra charging – balancing – clearing & grounding. Reiki. Suggested: $20

JULY 8/9: Certification Advanced Level 1 Workshop: Tibetan Singing Bowls – Sound Healing Workshop with Kirk Jones. $399 – *May qualify for VSAC Grant. Saturday July 8th & Sunday July 9th! Become a practitioner! Register now!

Testimonials: I just had a Singing Bowl & Reiki session with Michele and I must say that this is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend this for anyone. Thank you! – Jodie

Michele’s depth of wisdom comes straight from her heart and warms me with her kind and caring energy each time. I regard her spiritual teachings with deep respect. I often listen to Mooji and Pema Chodron, of which Michele’s words resonate with. I know her as a deep, old soul. Her words are just that and bring me to presence. She has been a gift to my family and I on numerous occasions. – M..

At Moonlight Gift Shoppe I have experienced several wonderful Tibetan Singing Bowl sessions used together with the practice of Reiki (by Michele). Each lovely session has resulted in a slightly different experience and has always left me feeling more relaxed, present and peaceful. The sounds and different tones of the Singing Bowls produce a soothing vibrational energy which I have found healing on both a physical & emotional level. Thank you Michele Nappi for offering this service! – Chel

Nora A. re: distance Reiki sent – β€œMichele has helped me with my road to recovery with my heart issue. I do Reiki too but you can always use more help from friends. I can actually feel and see her energy when she sends it like she practically in the room standing next to me like a blue breeze blowing in my ear.”

β€œGreat class last night…..after I left at night when I went to sleep, my head was flooded with images that I think my guides wanted me to put down on paper…..so many were coming to me, I had a hard time keeping up…..I hope I can remember them all……great classΒ ! Thank you! and everyone else for being there..…” K.

Hi Michele, Last night’s meditation and healing was incredible for me. I genuinely felt the blockages clearing as you worked in my aura. It felt so renewing to me, like you were helping me break down walls I had put there without even knowing or intending to. Maybe now I can begin to heal from this phase I am going through. The reading was profound. So dead on with my current situation. Thank you for the clarity. You have an awesome gift. – Cathy